Hello. Good Morning from the Far East!


Welcome to my WordPress site. My name is Krisan Garces (actually, it’s Krisan Lloyd Garces, but I prefer Krisan often because adding Lloyd will be expensive, especially on telegrams), and I’m just an internet wanderer.

Here, you’ll often see some nonsense things that I usually have in my mind, but sometimes (if you’ll be lucky enough to see) I will post stories and some literary pieces that you (will, may, or might) enjoy if you are having such a bad day, a hard day, depressed, or just happy. Ican help you ease your pain in your heart, and I know how it feels. I have pain like “blocked arteries” pain.

Well, it’s already 10 minutes before midnight here, so see you around! 😀

PS: I’m bad at ending conversations.


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