I once walked on a crooked path.

It was always crooked, like my thoughts.

Then you came into my life.

You started to make things easier for me.

The once crooked path, gradually became straight.

And for me, it felt good.

You went with me.

You led the way for me.

You became my guide.

You became everything to me.

Until suddenly, you made your own way.

And I was left alone.

I was left alone, staring at the path that you paved.

I had no choice, but to follow you.

But it was no good.

You had gone too far from me.

So I went straight back to my path, and tried to make another.

I tried to go back to the crooked path that I made.

But it felt something different.

Somewhat strange.

The once crooked path that I again made, was now straight.

It went straight, then I found you, again.

I found you at the start of the path I made.

Then tears went down my eyes, as I ran towards and hugged you.

“I’m afraid you would leave me,” I said.

“I didn’t leave you, for I am in your heart since the beginning,” you replied.

Then I woke up, covered in tears, realizing I slept during the whole Geometry class.


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