The Basics of Education in the Views of a Child (an essay about education)

Before the time that we first enter school, we learn through our parents, our own curiosity, and through the environment we live. We start to recite and sing our first ABC’s together with our moms and dads, we start to use our primary senses by touching, hearing, smelling (and sometimes tasting) our toys, and we start to become curious about what is happening down the street by playing with our friends. But as time changes, our ability to educate ourselves also change. We even stopped to taste our math books just to get the quadratic equation. But still, we don’t forget the three things that provided us our first education.

Education starts at home. As what I have said awhile ago, our parents are our first teachers. They provide everything just to make sure that we are learning everyday and every night until we are now ready to enter the big school.

Also, media plays a big role in our homes. We tend to be in front of our television sets for a heck of time when we are in our toddler years, and sometimes this will be the reason why our parents scold us–for watching too much TV.

Education also makes us wiser. (Truly, common sense is working in this sentence.) Imagine if we didn’t experience our parents teaching us the basics, and then suddenly, the next day, we will enter the school without a clear background on what happens inside it. We’ll surely cry inside the room and cause a serious commotion. That’s how we normally react to strangers when we were young. We don’t know what is happening, so we seek our parents for refuge. We aren’t wise enough for the challenges school brings, but with the help of education through our parents, we won’t do things like what is aforementioned. We would be ready and be happy to be learning more, because we have a background of what learning is.

Same goes as we go on in College. If we don’t have enough knowledge about the lessons, we will not pass the subject, and worst-case scenario is that it may lead you to your downfall in pursuing your beloved course, and cry again and seek your parents for refuge.

Lastly, Education mustn’t be taken for granted, like your jowa/bhe/mhine. It is a privilege for each and every one of us, even when we were children. Some children or toddlers don’t have enough education when they enter their first day of school, even if they were always with their parents. Why? Because of things we can’t control (like tragedies, sickness, etc.) and things we can control, but they cannot (like vices). And if you are now in your college, having your education provided by the country through taxes, then CONGRATULATIONS! And if you’re lucky enough, you might still be with education ’til your doctorate studies! Please don’t mess with it.

Before I close this essay, let me remind you of a quote from Jim Henson:

“[Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”

Years will pass, and soon you’ll also going to be a parent. And as a parent-to-be, your obligation is to teach them also what you’ve learned from the past years. But remember: teach them with all your heart, for they’ll be inspired to learn if they can also see the enthusiasm in the way how you teach them the things.


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